Lois Lane Stalker

Lois Lane Stalker (by Lois Lane Stalker)

When Stalker was just a boy he wanted to be one of four things, each had the same importance in the Stalker's heart and each would be the most fabulous thing to be...

1. A FIREMAN - The hero, gets the girl, saves the day...
  PROBLEM - the stalker has always had terrible asthma since he was a wee stalker (hence the very nasally, breathy vocals on his records and the heavy breathing stalker) so fire fighting was out.

2. A PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALLER - The hero, gets the girl, saves the day with late goal...
  PROBLEM - The stalker has always been rubbish at football and very lucky to play years in a Sunday league never mind the premiership. So he walked away with his asthma and turned his back on the sport.

3. A PROFFESIONAL MUSICIAN - The hero, gets the girl, saves the day through song....
  PROBLEM - could never read music, would have been hard playing Beethoven's fifth especially if evryone else was playing Bach's ninth. But in honesty still working on this goal.

4. SUPERMAN - The hero, gets the girl (Lois), saves the day...
  PROBLEM - As much as the stalker would throw him self off tall items, he never flew. As much as he tried to hit walls they would not break. The day had to come when he realised he was not the last son of Krypton and once he’d realised that there was only one thing left to be...LOIS LANE STALKER.

Stalker’s songs were written in a winter with dark nights and the cold outside, written in the bedroom influenced by Bryter Later, Astral Weeks and intimate music that touches you on those nights when there's just you in a room. Lying on a bed written on the art guitar with a candle burning and a girl 300 hundred miles away. Recorded in the kitchen with the picture from Stalker song ‘All I got are Monday's’ looking down...

Lois Lane Stalker (by Getout Records)

Whenever an artist makes contact with us we always follow up by giving their material a listen and visiting their website/Myspace etc. It's difficult to deny that in Lois Lane Stalker's case we'd been signposted to something special. There is clearly an air of mystery surrounding the main force behind the artist - that may be because the sheer quality of the material speaks for itself. The songs are top class and the vibe puts you in a place which could also be inhabited by the likes of Nick Drake or early period Van Morrison. Extroadinary!! Let's hope this first release helps put the Midlands singer/songwriter on the Global map.

Take a listen to the sample from first single 'Water Into Wine'.

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