From the Suburbs of Osaka, Japan, a new artist is ready to open his windows and let people listen to the Elfin Picnic pumping out of his head/speakers!

Imp is an English artist currently living in Japan. Submerged in his parents eclectic record collection whilst growing up, he developed a passion for music, driven initially by a love of guitars. Despite never really being able to play well, imp's interest in music got stronger and he was to find other ways to produce his own.

Being introduced to electronic music during his late teens and becoming heavily influenced by the psychedelic and progressive trance being played in London at that time, he began making tracksby experimenting at home on an old P.C with free software.

Following a move to Japan in 2005, he decided to take production more seriously and has been focusing on creating his own unique sound ever since.

Finally feeling ready to get some of his music out there and making contact with Getout Records, the EP Elfin Picnic will be released 28th June 2010.

The music being a dark but playful mishmash of psychedelic and progressive trance with a tangible and often changing mood.
Whether you want to nod your head or stomp your feet, Elfin Picnic will demand your attention!

Check out the montage below.

imp-cover-art 200

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