Can't we just release product ourseles?


Of course, but in order to release product officially and have it recognised by the Official Chart Company, you have to have a label registered with the relevant industry societies. This ensures you can be chart eligble (if required) and assign ISRCs (International Standard Recording Codes) in order for your music to be digitally 'tracked' around the world.


Are we signing a record deal with Getout?


No. You will be entering into a non-exclusive agreement for Getout to handle the digital distribution of your music throughout the world. But you will gain the benefits and a certain amount of credibility from going through an official label.


Are we tied to Getout for ever?


Not at all. Standard Getout agreements are non-exclusive. In reality, this means that the agreement covers the tracks distributed through Getout and not you as an artist. If you get offered a record deal, don't worry, you will be free to sign it!

You retain 100% of copyright and merely assign the digital distribution rights to us as long as we represent you.


What's in it for Getout?


Getout will retain 20% of all revenue resulting from sales of tracks worldwide. If your music doesn't sell, neither of us make a penny! That's the way it should be and that's the way the record industry has been forever. We feel very strongly that no artist should pay upfront for this kind of service - no major artist would have...


How much will we earn?


That's pretty much up to you. Just having your stuff online won't make you rich. You've got to do as much promotional work as possible and let people know about it. One thing's for sure - if your music isn't out there and available, you'll earn nothing.


Can we get a better deal elsewhere?


Maybe. Not really sure, but we spent a lot of time researching the potential for starting this service and discovered some very interesting things. One was that a certain well known 'paid for' digital distributor claims that the artist recieves 100% royalties, however, in their FAQ section they state 'the download site will take cuts, leaving around 50% (ALL of which goes to you). So, somewhere between the sale and your share, there is a 50% reduction. It's straightforward - with the standard Getout agreement, you get your true percentage of what we receive. Our overheads will never be 50%!!


As a guideline, major labels are likely to offer between 10 and 15% to the artist and independent labels up to 50%.


There's never been a better time to go it alone.


Where will our music be available?


Click here for a list of online stores.


Why should we trust Getout?


Because you'll know where we live! Seriously though, ultimately it's up to you, but the business is the brainchild of a seasoned professional who has a thirst for the music business to the point of obsessiveness. The proprietor, Ross Griggs, has spent a lifetime in music and made a living from various aspects of it for many years. Who else do you know who has had the knowhow (and balls) to take a band to their first the Royal Albert Hall? And, yes, it is true... (there are plenty of other examples but that one's hard to top).  


We're not pretending that we're in it just to help independent artists - of course not, we'd like to do well also! But with our model, we don't do well unless the artist does well.


Why should we choose Getout above one of the larger companies?


Well, there's much to be said for using one of the larger and more established services. But, there's also much to be gained from working with a smaller business. Getout is a relatively new enterprise and, as such, very keen to establish a place in the market. We are also able to offer a much more personal experience.


To use retail as an example - some people are happy to pay a premium for the service a smaller store can provide rather than using the 'big boys'.


We like to think Getout provides distribution with integrity - give us a try - there's nothing to lose!


Do you help with promotion?


The standard agreement covers distribution only and promotion remains the responsibility of the artist. However, we will offer all the support we can in order to help you sell your music!

Incidentally, if you happen to be after promotion, you could do a lot worse than check out the following companies for a fair deal.













What type of music do you distribute?


Material in any style (including covers), but like most professionals, we have an eye on quality and are keen to retain reputation within a very competitive market. We will be happy to listen to anything and provide feedback.

Just fill in the contact form and include your website or link. Don't worry if you don't have sample material on the web, we'll give you details of where to send it.


Can we release albums and singles?


Yes, and EPs.


Will we need artwork?


Yes, artwork and promotional material is largely the responsibility of the artist and we will offer full guidance with our submission advice, which you'll receive following initial contact.


How do artists get paid?


Working with Getout will be no different from working with any label. We account to artists, providing a royalty statement, on a quarterly basis like most of the industry (although some publishers and labels account every six months). Online stores report sales to distributors at different intervals. Therefore, we are always working one month in arrears, sometimes more. This is the same for other services and, if they claim to update sales figures on a daily or weekly basis, this is likely not to be the case.

We are always happy to share the figures available to us upon request.


Do you offer any other services to help artists?


We do have connections and once you are working with us we may discuss other ways to make your music work for you (media usage - TV - ads - film - online etc).


I've heard that artists can receive royalties from airplay - how?


Well, it's true that artists can get royalties from airplay if they are members of PPL. However, a more significant stream of revenue from airplay can go to the writers (can be more than £50 per play on national radio). To receive this, a writer must be a member of PRS for Music. Don't worry if you're not - we can arrange to collect this on your behalf.

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